What are Burning Bar & Lance Stryker Steel Tube HOLDERS?

Stryker Steel Tube PIPE Burning Bars and Lance “Lever Action” Stryker Steel Tube Holders are known for:

  • Ease of use, quick release and easy replacement of Burning Bars
  • Durability
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Stryker Steel Tube Holders are available for any size of Burning Bar and Lance Pipe
  • Stryker Steel Tube Holders eliminate the requirement for threaded pipe

The Stryker Steel Tube Holder has additional attachments:

  • Heat and Splatter Shield & Nut
  • Ball Valves
  • Various sized nipples
  • Anti-slag Return Device (optional for Lever Action and ThermRod Holders, see below)

Lever Action Holder


Stryker Steel Tube Holders are available for any size Burning Bar and Lance Pipe. These Holders eliminate the requirement for threaded pipe.

Burning Bar Holder Instructional Video

ThermRod Holder


A ThermRod Holder is the tool that attaches ThermRods to provide consistent and safe cutting.

The ThermRod Holder features:

  • Safety Locking Trigger
  • Easy grip handle for maximum control
  • Safety shield
  • Interchangeable collets allow the same handle to be used with any size ThermRod

Anti-Slag Return Device

The anti – slag return device, is internally built into the brass holder but available as an optional external component on the lever action holders and ThermRod holders.

The safety device offered by Stryker Steel Tube is a custom made anti-slag return device that can fit our standard #2 (.540″ / .625″ / .675″) and #3 (.840″ / .922″ / 1.050″) Burning Bar & Lance Pipe holders; as well as our ThermRod holder.


Fitted with a non-return valve and a thermal device to shut off oxygen in case of backfire or slag return. If the thermal device operates the unit must be dismantled for repair.

  • Inlet connection: NPT female (3/8″ or 1/2″)
  • Outlet connection: NPT female (3/8″ or 1/2″)

The Packing and Bumper Grommets located inside the holder work together to guarantee a secure seal around the lance pipe preventing any oxygen from leaking outside of the holder.

PL Couplings Lance Pipe Holders


The PL Coupling lance pipe holder is a simple, rugged, and lightweight design suitable for numerous applications. These holders are capable of accommodating 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” pipe as well as 5/8” OD tubing.

A hardened Locking Ring bites into the lance pipe ensuring the pipe will not come free during operations.

The Packing and Bumper Grommets located inside the holder work together to guarantee a secure seal around the lance pipe preventing any oxygen from leaking outside of the holder.

PL Couplings can be ordered individually or as part of a complete lancing assembly that includes the SV-04 Integrated Safety Valve,  V-05 valve, or even suitable ball valves.  Replacement parts are also readily available to maintain the holders in optimal operating condition.  All  holders and replacement components are fully cleaned for safe use with oxygen.

    Description Part No. By Pipe Size(OD)
    1/8″ (.405″) 1/4″ (.540″) 3/8″ (.675″) 1/2″ (.840″)
    Complete Holder PLB-1A PLB-1B PLB-1C PLB-1D
    Body PLB-1A01 PLB-1B01 PLB-1C01 PLB-1D01
    Hand Piece PLB-1A02 PLB-1B02 PLB-1C02 PLB-1D02
    Bumper Grommet PLNE1A03 PLNE1B03 PLNE1C03 PLNE1D03
    Cover PLB-1B04 PLB-1B04 PLB-1C04 PLB-1D04
    Locking Ring PLE-1A05 PLE-1B05 PLE-1C05 PLE-1D05
    Packing Grommet PLNE1A06 PLNE1B06 PLEN1C06 PLNE1D06


    PL Coupling with SV-04 Valve Assembly Attached

    SV-04 The SV-04 valve assembly in conjunction with the PL coupling provides a compact lever-actuated valve assembly designed with maximum operator safety in mind. The SV-04 provides class leading flow rates (62 cfm @ 100 psi) along with the addition of multiple safety features. Operators use the SC-04 for multiple tasks from simple maintenance using 1/4″ tubing to lancing applications using 1/2″ pipe.

    For those customers who do not require all of the safety features or perhaps are using a separate externally mounted safety device, the standard V-05 Valve Assembly is an excellent selection.

    The SV-04 valve assembly is very easy to repair as well. Assembly and safety component repair kits are available as well as lever assemblies. See ordering information below.

    Description Part No.
    Valve Assembly Only SV-04 V-05
    Valve Assembly with CGA B-size mail inlet adapter SV-04B V-05B
    Valve Assembly with CGA C-size male inlet adapter SV-04C V-05C


    Design Data SV-04 V-05
    Weight 1.525 lbs (693 g) 1.462 lbs (664 g)
    Overall Length 7.5′ (190 mm)
    Brass Body Length 4.6″ (117 mm) 4.0″ (103 mm)
    Brass Body Diameter 1.4″ (36 mm)



    Shown to the right with a V-05 valve assembly. Designed for use with small OD tubing (1/8” – 7/16”) for maintenance type lancing operations.   Replacement grommets/washer available.



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